Rockaway Landscape Rake

The Rockaway Landscape Rack is an incredible affordable, low maintenance, quality landscaping tool with two sizes to fit virtually and skid steer. The Rockaway picks up rocks while driving in reverse but also can be used for light leveling work while driving forward.

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Amulet Manufacturing Company is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of professional-grade excavator and backhoe loader attachments. For over 30 years the Amulet name has been synonymous with quality, performance and product longevity, producing world-class attachments built to last.

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Earth & Turf

The future of our soils and the cleanliness of our water depend on how we manage our natural resources. Earth & Turf Products, LLC, is on a mission to help with this management by improving our soils. Topdressing is one process used to make soils better by improving their microbiology. This, in turn, increases the quality of turf grass without so much dependency on chemicals. Earth & Turf’s desire is to be part of the solution by providing simple, well-built, affordable topdressers that can be used to spread earth-friendly products onto our turf grass.

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Conestoga Manure Spreaders

Conestoga manure spreaders are ideal for small farms or horse enthusiasts who depend on a quality, low maintenance spreader. Conestoga manure spreaders offers the best warranties in the industry. These spreaders are built by the Lancaster County Amish who know how to make a long lasting manure spreader.

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Grouser Product’s produces industry leading Ag Dozer blades and over the tire skid steer tracks. Grouser Products has been committed for almost 40 years to delivering well built products the Ag and Construction markets.

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Earth and Turf Attachments

Earth and Turf Attachments are designed to function properly with the working capabilities of each tractor model. Our accessories are designed to improve serviceability while extending the service life of your tractor. In short, we build products that make your tractor better.Everything we build is proudly made in America – more specifically in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, an area well known for its excellent work ethic and quality workmanship.

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Stop handling pipe,slab, and plate the “old way” and find out how much faster, safer and smarter your crew can be using vacuum lifting technology. Vacuworx Lifting Systems can handle up to 10 times more material than conventional methods-in half the man hours-making it possible to complete projects ahead of schedule and under budget.

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Construction Attachments

Construction Attachments Inc. has been located in Lenoir, North Carolina, USA since 1984. We are a leading manufacturer of construction grade attachments for compact excavators, skid steer loaders, tractor loader backhoes, and large excavators.

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Coneqtec Universal

Coneqtec universal is dedicated to manufacturing attachments for skid steers, backhoe/loaders and mini skid steers. Conteqtec has been manufacturing products for the construction market since 1990,their many offerings include cold planers, rock saws, pattern mills, manhole saw, stump grinders, slot cutters, brooms and much more.

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What We Can Offer

Equipment Manufacturer:

MDS is always looking to add on Manufacturers that share our values and quality standards.


MDS strives to provide our dealer network with up to date product literature and pricing on quality skid steer and tractor attachments that will help their customers save time and money.


MDS prides ourselves in offering quality, affordable well made attachments to our dealers throughout the United States. We partner with Manufacturers that share the same core visions that have made our company successful for the past 28 + years.

Dedicated Team:

Our sales team is always ready to serve you. We provide timely quotes on products as well as literature files to help you sell the product to your customer.